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W.D. GANN remains most Legendary and Mysterious trader in Trading History. He simply

blends astrology, ancient mysteries, astronomy, sacred geometry and mathematics into trading. This fusion created results, trading world well aware of.

Why these fusions generate marvelous results?

Is Sacred Geometry discovered or invested. Obviously discovered, same the case of Number nine and majority of Mathematical Philosophers start believing its discovered rather than invented.

Source is universe which have few billion year proven record whereas current trading knowledge have few decade life. Further Universe is book written by God, the most supreme power with in universe.

Same design reflects in uncountable micro and macro scale within universe. Universal Laws are almost immutable same, same is true for sacred Geometry and Sacred Mathematics. Which GANN try to implement in Markets.

GANN trading style was not just a simple system rather that was holistic system of systems .Never written clearly in single place. Remain mystery and different writer interpreted it in their own slightly different style of understanding. Scope of this article is not to cover his complete work.

GANN most favorite and most fascinated tool is GANN Square of natural levels used to work out price time squaring. He uses two Overlays on it as calculating values.




One more point needed to keep in mind is GANN was also numerologist and in numerology digital root have a key value.  GANN remain influenced by Faraday Law of Electricity, Tesla work, Fourier theorem and so on. (Wave studies). Third in nature there is law of Halfling, doubling, under root and square root of number with plus minus 1.Which is well proved By Mathematician Rodin in his work named GOD signature.

 As  per GANN studies based on 100 year historical data he found Markets obey  natural support and resistance levels which are either multiple of triangle or Square which ultimately have one multiple in common 15. Historical 2 or 3 swing points determine you have to adopt what degree on Gann square in order to find next expected Natural Support or resistance in sense of price or time. (Simply called GANN time Price Squaring).

GANN not only use Triangle and Rectangle as overlay rather he draw pyramid, pentagon, and hexagon also. In this lecture we would concentrate on Hexagon and is there any clear evidence exist in Universe.

As long as I interpretation and observe GANN 15 degree is the common multiple of all geometrical design used by GANN as chart or Overlay.

GOD leaves signs in his creation for those who believe in it. As there exist one school of that believing

There is nothing new under the sky from the day of creation. Everything same changing shapes and forms

There is nothing under sky which is not GOD made even Markets are also GOD made.

If Markets are GOD made they must obey universal Laws which can be seen everywhere. This is core philosophy of holistic system of GANN.

Pentagon can be seen on South Pole of Saturn even bigger than the size of earth.

There are thousands of rather infinite examples which can be given here as reference showing universe reflect geometric angles multiple of 15

Same are the expected level in GANN style GANNIST use to determine next expected Natural level of Support or resistance

7.5, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90,180. 270 and so on

 Authenticity of sacred geometry in nature help to improve percentage of success rates in marketing. Already proved by WD GANN and will help for whom who go for it.